Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warning: Has and attitude and knows how to use it

To know Josiah is to love Josiah. He is the child of Mark who works on staff with me at YFC. He loves to catch wild animals, fight, defend women and collect knives. Recently I went on a mission trip to Kentucky and Josiah went with us. We hard some hard labor in the heat while there. I worked all morning mowing a river bank with one crew while Mark led the other crew painting. We took a break to eat and cool down. You could tell Josiah had been working hard. He ate his lunch and then began to drink his water. He then started to get sick. I believe he consumed his water too fast. His dad decided to take him back to the camp to rest in the A/C with his mom. Three miles down the road Josiah began to cry. Not because he was feeling bad, but because he was no longer going to be able to work. He didn't want to sit inside while others labored. Mark turned the van around and they headed back to the fence to resume painting. Another reason to admire this young man of eight. Christ called his disciples to be laborers. Many people look for any excuse to not work or to give up early and head to a place thats more comfortable. But not Josiah. He's in it until the work is done. What if Christians took on the mindset of this little guy and pushed on?


  1. This was so sweet! I loved it!!

  2. Josiah is one of my FAV kids!! I love our conversations!! He is one AWESOME young man!